Beijing and Hutong


Stay at a traditional hutong in Beijing.


Travelling to north and north eastern coast of Taiwan


North and northeast Coast

The north and northern coast has a wide range of landscaping and greenery all around. There are rolling grass hills, roughed cliffs, rocky terraces, sand beaches, pebble beach. There are many sights that should be visited but the top Sights to be visited in north & northeast coast are explained below. The gold ecological park is above the hills and is placed between the greenery of the nature. It was placed in the 1930 during the Japanese era. During that time the gold mining industry was the best industry for the economy. The gold tunnel is also still preserved. Now also all the gold has not taken out and some gold is under the tunnel only.



The Fushun temple is known as the EARTH GOD temple. It has two layers. Outer layer is covered with two old shrines and interior is covered with beautiful post & beam structure which includes one over the main altar of the nude angels. A larger structure was constructed over the original giving it the nickname “the temple within the temple”. The lords’ temple is where people sometimes call this temple A Dog temple. This temple is made in the memory of the dog. Later this temple is associated with the underworlds. You will be surprised to see the tattooed gangster, prostitutes and other such people.



The Baishawan Beach is situated in new Taipei city. The meaning of the name is white sand bay. The national center of traditional arts information is used for research work of various things and covers almost 24 hectares of land. There is an exhibition hall for the visitors also. The Yeliu Geopark information has delighted the people by its odd rock formation. It is considered as a place for geologist but one can roam here if they have interest. The Miaokou night market information means “the Entrance”. This market is one of the famous market in while Japan. Great food is served here from the Japanese era. This is the main reason why it is so famous. In Best seafood is available in this market.

The Ershawan Fort is also known as Haien Tainxian. The relic was once used to defend Taiwan during the first opium war. It has the main gate & five cannons sill imposing are stilled tuck in the batteries and it is a beautiful sight to watch it. It has beautiful lime stone formations. The remains of 13 level information are situated across the golden waterfall. It has a massive copper smelting refinery whose 13 levels descends towards the see directly. The voice of such falls is strong & beautiful are used in many music videos also.


Exploring New China Culture Tour


From Beijing to Yangtze River Cruise and Shanghai.

We do small group, relaxing itinerary, and culture tour.


South Western Adventure in China


Experiencing special culture of South Western China.

Chengdu - Lugu Lake - Lijiang - Dali - Kunming