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Take the road less traveled through Yunnan's remote valleys along the mighty Salween and Mekong rivers. Retracing a trail forged by French missionaries in the nineteenth century, you'll encounter wild frontier towns, soaring mountains, and Catholic churches.

Expensive Experience:

  • Embarking on an epic hike, passing by gurgling streams, verdant valleys, and leafy forests
  • Exploring 19th-century Catholic churches constructed from wood and stone by ambitious French missionaries
  • Camping out amidst the rugged natural beauty of Biluo Mountain

From Salween to Mekong 7 Days

Baoshan - Gongshan - Baihanluo - Biluo Mountain - Tacheng - Lijiang

Baoshan - Gongshan: Travel along the mighty Salween, known in Chinese as the "Angry River," to the untamed frontier town of Gongshan

Gongshan - Baihanluo - Biluo Mountain: Hike from Demalo village to Baihanluo village, admire Baihanluo's wooden Catholic Church, built in a distinctly Tibetan style by a French missionary in 1898, share lunch and a game with the local women's basketball team, hike to campsite, located at 3,000m, hike up Biluo Mountain and cross over the Biluo Mountain pass at 3,900m, set up camp in a lush valley beside a gurgling stream

Biluo Mountain Hike: Embark on a strenuous hike through exposed terrain and leafy forests to the Mekong valley, Descend, re-ascend, and then descend again to a small Tibetan village, visit Cizhong's Catholic Church, built from stone in 1867 • Drive along the Mekong and past Lisu villages to Tacheng

Tacheng - Lijiang: Explore Tacheng Nature Reserve and encounter its snub-nosed monkeys and amble through the small paths and canals that weave through Lijiang Old Town

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