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Jiangnan– Paradise of Chinese Literary

Jiangnanis a beautiful area which is located near the East China Sea, and inthe Taihu Basin. It has plenty of water resources and is known forits evolved agriculture and mild climatic conditions. It is alsofamous for its flora and fauna, smart inhabitants and folk housesconsisting of white walls and black tiles.

Famous Cities in the Place

  • Nanjing – This popular cultural and historical city has low hilly region and has many hills, with Qianzhou Islet, Jiangxin Islet, Bagua Islet and other big islets and the Yangtze River wandering through it.

  • Suzhou – The historical city is regarded as a heaven on Earth in China, and is a famous tourist and cultural spot.

  • Hangzhou – It is placed in the southeast coast of the country and is popular for the amazing sceneries of West Lake.

  • Yangzhou – It is placed in the northern area of the river Yangtze, and consists of many cultural and historical spots. It has a rich history and is one of the well-maintained ancient cities in the country.

Ancient Towns in Jiangnan

Jiangnanis famous for its old water towns, and the beauty of these towns hasbeen making tourists and vacationers from around the globe come to witness it first-hand.

  • Zhouzhuang – This is an old town which is placed in the southern coast of river Yangtze and in the south-eastern part of Suzhou City. This is an isolated and quiet area which consists of many old buildings. Even after 9 centuries of upheavals, the water town boasts of the same type of architecture as before. It is rightly regarded as the number one water town in the country.

  • Wuzhen – It is a primitive town situated in the southern section of the Yangtze River Delta, and has a rich history spanning over 13 centuries. It has the Wujiang County to the south and the Huzhou City to its west.

Folk Houses in Jiangnan

In Jiangnan, the folk house has been constructed by the local inhabitants with a lot of creativity. These stand over open spaceswith flowing water bodies surrounding them. There are prominent folk architectural structures which are fitted with black tiles and whitewalls. These are made more beautiful by small bridges lying over the water bodies. The sights of these make up a beautiful, tranquil atmosphere.


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