Cours et Pavillons Hotel is located at No.26,Weijia Hutong, DongchengDistrict Beijing. Hotel is managed by Brand SLH, Small Luxury Hotels ofthe World. The headquarters of the SLH company is located in London,has floated more than 20 years. There are more than 553 hotelsbranded under the SLH company.

In order to enable courtyard properties to achieve a new glorious statuin this modern area and also to allow both foreign and local elites toenjoy the modern aristocratic way of living in courtyard properties,Beijing Old Courtyard Assets Management Limited in association withone of the top luxury hotel management companies, utilizes some ofthe old historical courtyard properties under its care to develop a luxuryboutique hotels chain

Luxury boutique hotels are more luxurious that normal 5 stars hotels,they are comparatively more refined with each having its own special identity.These luxury boutique hotels offer highly private and individually tailored made services to their customers which normally are a small fraction of consumers from the top end of the market.

The courtyard hotels of Cours et Pavillons place their emphasis on the outlook, style and displayed items to reach perfection; they also put a lot of attention

on the living environment, food and beverage, and amenities provided to their customer. Their attention to details and uncompromising attitude for achieving perfection elevate the hotels to a completely different level which fits and old Chinese saying that" although it is made by human, yet the effect of which renders it a piece falling from heaven ".One would find well hidden inside the hotels merit and fame.

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    Rental fee
    • from $635.00 per night USD
    • How many people?: 1~20
    • Bedrooms: 10
    • Bathrooms: 10
    • Kitchen
    • Essential
    • Internet
    • Heater
    • TV